20 Minutes to a Top Performer ,

Transform Average Employees into

Powerhouse Performers

“I cannot think of a more important message and timely book.

20 Minutes to a Top Performer offers quick, simple techniques for managers to

improve their effectiveness in communicating with their teams.”

Steven Fine, vice president for administration,

Mount Sinai Medical Center, Miami Beach, Florida

“Alan has provided some of the best thinking on the issue of leadership conversations.

His book offers easy-to-implement suggestions for everything your team needs

to know about effective conversations!”

Al Miller, VP HR, Lockheed Martin Simulation,

Training and Support, Lockheed Martin

“This book is essential for leaders in today’s fast-paced and do-more-with-less environment.”

Dan Russi, VP, Customer Services, Ariba, Inc.

“Alan gives a how-to guide for managers of all experience levels. In twenty minutes and

three conversations, he’s captured the essence of managing and leading.”

Ron Sacchi, director, Organizational Learning and Development, Gilead

“It is great news for the business and professional community to see a book emerge with

practical tips for having intelligent interactions in traditionally sensitive areas of

communication. Many books promise easily used guidelines

for a successful result-this one delivers!”

Pat Cramer, learning director, Honeywell Aerospace

About the Book

The key to long-term organizational success is

the ability to move employees to action. Easier

said than done, right? Not really. All it takes is three

simple 20-minute conversations.

Alan Vengel has spent 25 years helping Fortune 500

companies empower their employees to perform at

peak efficiency, generating measurable results

organization-wide. Now, in 20 Minutes to a Top

Performer, Vengel shares the secret to his and his

clients’ success: good old-fashioned communication.

Inside, he explains how to engage your

employees through specific, focused conversations,

of which there are exactly three:


    Focusing on performance and feedback


    Focusing on engagement and interests


    Focusing on support and development

Vengel dissects these types of conversations to

illuminate how, why, and when to initiate each one.

The conversations are not meant to be technical.

They won’t be uncomfortable or combative. They will

simply be … conversations. And you’ll be surprised

at how quickly you see results. Your people will become

better team players, take greater enjoyment in

their work, tackle problems with verve, and, in the

end, contribute valuable talent to your organization

for the long term.

Managers are facing unprecedented demands to do

more with less-a trend that is clearly not going to

reverse in the foreseeable future. You don’t need a Harvard Business School degree or expensive new

technology to empower your workforce. All you need

is the drive to make change happen.


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